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WBA Orders Kazuto Ioka vs John 'Scrappy' Ramirez to Negotiate

Press Release:

The World Boxing Association (WBA) super flyweight champion, Japanese Kazuto Ioka, was ordered to negotiate with John Ramirez to defend the black and gold belt in his next fight. 

The championships committee gave a negotiation deadline that will begin this January 12 and will end on February 12 and in which both parties must reach an agreement to make the fight. 

WBA rule C.11 states that “a boxer who obtains a title by defeating a champion must defend his title initially and thereafter against the official contender or the top available contender as follows: In any division other than heavyweight: If measured against the official contender, he must do so within nine (9) months after the date the title was earned; if not the official contender, within one hundred and twenty (120) days.”

In Ioka’s case, he won the June 24, 2023 title and the lapse of his next mandatory defense expired on October 23 of the same year, so he must face John Ramirez. 

Once the negotiation period has expired, both must reach an agreement. Otherwise, the committee may call for an auction with a split of 75% for Ioka and 25% for Ramirez.

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