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WBA Order a Pair of Featherweight Fights; Kholmatov-Ford Vacant Title; Morales-Nunez Eliminator

Press Release:

●Otabek Kholmatov vs Ray Ford Vacant WBA Featherweight Title

The World Boxing Association (WBA) Championships Committee ordered the fight for the vacant world featherweight title between Otabek Kholmatov and Raymond Ford. 

Leigh Wood, decided to vacate the belt after his October 7 fight to move up a division, so the pioneer body called Kholmatov, ranked number one, and Raymond Ford, ranked number two in the division, to fight. 

The WBA will give them 30 days to reach an agreement, as established by the rules in this type of situation, and sent the official communication to both teams this Friday. 

If an agreement is not reached within the given period of time or if either party refuses to do so, the WBA may call the fight to auction with a 50% purse split for each contender.

●Victor Morales vs Reynaldo Nunez WBA Featherweight Final Eliminator

The World Boxing Association (WBA), through its championship committee, ordered the featherweight eliminator fight between Victor Morales Jr. ( 5th rated) and Reynaldo Nunez (6th rated). 

This Friday, the pioneer body sent the official communication to both teams, informing them that they will have 30 days to negotiate the fight, stating today and ending on November 2. 

The featherweight title is currently vacant and Otabek Kholmatov and Raymond Ford will fight for the title.

In the case of Morales and Nunez, they will be given the regulatory deadline and if they do not reach an agreement, the committee may send the fight to purse bid  with a 50% purse split for each of the fighters.

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