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WBA Approves Special Request to Allow Arsen Goulamirian to Defend Against Zurdo Ramirez on March 16th

Press Release:

The World Boxing Association (WBA) granted a special permit requested by Arsen Goulamirian to fight Gilberto Ramirez for the Super World cruiserweight title of the pioneer organization. 

The French monarch sent the formal request for the fight against the Mexican, to be held on March 16, and after a detailed study, the body decided to give a positive response to the request. 

After receiving the proposal, the WBA sent it to the team of the challenger Yunier Dorticos, who sent their considerations and observations regarding the situation. 

WBA Rule C.16 may modify periods of mandatory defenses for good cause, either in response to a request for special permission or on its own initiative. Alternatively, the agency may modify or suspend the strict application of these rules when the WBA deems them justified in its sole discretion to accommodate special circumstances.

WBA Rule C.46 states that such reasons include “participating in an optional title defense,” “participating in a bout of recognized importance and significance to the boxing world,” or “extending or otherwise modifying a mandatory defense period.” WBA Rule C.46.a, e and g.

Under the rules, the WBA granted Goulamirian permission to face Ramirez on the condition that the winner of the fight must fight Dorticos within a period of no more than 120 days after the victory. 

Meanwhile, Dorticos was cleared to make a non-title bout against an opponent approved by the championships committee while he awaits his opportunity against the winner of Goulamirian-Ramirez.

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