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WBA Approves Madrimov-Crawford Title Fight, Winner Faces Jermell Charlo; Ortiz Jr.-Tszyu Approved For The Vacant WBA Interim Title

Press Release:

With the official announcement of the bout between Israil Madrimov and Terence Crawford, the World Boxing Association (WBA) Championships Committee issued a resolution on the special permission Crawford received to move up in class and the super welterweight situation. 

Crawford, who is the Super Welterweight Champion, will move up to the next division to challenge champion Madrimov on August 3, in Los Angeles. The American requested the permission to move up and keep the welterweight crown and the committee granted it provided that if he beats Madrimov he will have five days after the fight to make a decision about which title he will keep. 

On the other hand, Vergil Ortiz Jr., is the mandatory challenger of the category,  and for that reason will be given the opportunity to dispute the interim belt against Australian Tim Tzsyu. 

Additionally, Jermell Charlo was ratified as champion in recess, the American will have the right to face the winner of Madrimov-Crawford or Madrimov in case that fight ends in a draw. 

The body formally informed all those involved in the situation, who are obliged to know the WBA rules. This resolution annuls all the previous ones while any situation that may arise will be resolved through the interpretation of the rules.

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