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Panya Pradabsri Stops Norihito Tanaka In the 8th

Panya Pradabsri (40-1 24KOs) stopped Norihito Tanaka (20-10 10KOs) in the 8th round to retain his WBC Minimumweight title. This rematch was an action packed one sided affair much like the first fight. Pradabsri used his presise counter punches to control fight. Pradabsri dropped Tanaka in first round with a crisp counter left hook. In third, Pradabsri nearly stopped Tanaka with a flurry of punches.

Tanaka was the aggressor for the majority of fight while implying a good body attack. WBC open scoring was used for this fight. After four rounds Pradabsri was up 40-35, 39-36 twice on the official scorecards. Pradabsri quick hands was too much causing Tanaka corner to throw in the towel in the 8th.

You can watch the replay of this fight on the Tru4U Youtube Channel link below:

Pradabsri 32, has some big fights that awaits him at minimumweight. Up next will likely be the WBC Interim Minimumweight Champion Yudai Shigeoka (7-0 5KOs) who defeated former World Champion Wilfredo Mendez in April.

Minimumweight is a solid division. Here is the list of the current title holders:

• WBA Super Champion CP Freshmart

• WBA Regular Champion Erick Rosa

• IBF Champion Daniel Valladares

• IBF Interim Champion Ginjiro Shigeoka

• WBO Champion Oscar Collazo

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