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Arsen Goulamirian vs Yuniel Dorticos Order by the WBA

Press Release:

The World Boxing Association (WBA) Championships Committee ordered the bout between Super Cruiserweight Champion Arsen Goulamirian and his mandatory challenger Yuniel Dorticos. 

The pioneer organization gave a 30-day period to negotiate the bout, which began this Tuesday, October 10, 2023 and will end next November 10. Both parties received the formal notification signed by Carlos Chávez, president of the championships committee of the organization. 

According to Championship Rule C.11, the champion must defend the title against the official contender every nine (9) months from the date he became the champion. In Goulamirian’s case, his last mandatory defense was November 11, 2022 and his next mandatory championship fight should have been before August 11, 2023.

On the other hand, WBA rule C.13-WBA Fighting Limitations, states that the champion cannot fight a boxer who is not the official challenger within sixty (60) days before the mandatory defense period expires.

In case both parties do not reach an agreement or any of them refuses to sign the contract, the WBA may call for a Purse bid under the WBA rules.

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